Highlight videos play a crucial role for student-athletes in their recruiting process.  College coaches are extremely busy and often do not have the budget to fly around the country scouting recruits.  Highlight videos are an opportunity to get student-athletes in front of coaches and give them an unbiased look at their abilities and skills.  Data has shown that online recruiting profiles which include a highlight video receive more than 10 times as much traffic as those without one. A great highlight video can sometimes make the difference in whether the student-athlete receives some serious attention from college coaches.

If you are interested in a highlight reel of your student-athlete's sports performance that you can send to college coaches for recruiting purposes, we can help you.  We develop videos for student-athletes that highlight their performance and attract coaches.  A professional video can truly showcase your athlete's talents.  

Video editing is tricky, and while there is more software offered today than before, it is important that it looks professional.  Skill and technique are involved, and the stakes, in form of an athletic scholarship, are high for your student-athlete.

Just take video of your student-athlete playing and submit to us the time intervals on each video that you would like parts highlighted (e.g., 1:32-1:40, 21:45-21:55, etc.)  For a 3-4 minute video, we suggest approximately 30 different short 8-10 second segments.  Also, please include two photos, stats, contact info, and background song preference.  We do the rest!  

On the right you can view a sample of one of the highlight videos we created.  If interested, please contact Terri Heath at 847-446-4975.