Does every organization need to tap customer satisfaction?

How important is it to your organization that your customers are satisfied?  Does it matter?  Really?    Current thinking is that customer satisfaction is at the core of commercial success.

But, that may not always be true:

  • In some markets customers may not have much choice, especially if there is a monopoly or there are high barriers to enter.

  • In some cases, customers are willing to accept inferior satisfaction because there are off-setting factors, most commonly because of a low price.

  • And, sometimes there is inertia where the time and effort to change suppliers outweighs the dissatisfaction.

But, these are short-sighted views, and we don't recommend this approach.  Markets can change quickly, and in the future this direction may suffer from a lack of goodwill.  In most markets customer satisfaction matters a great deal, as it directly impacts loyalty, sales, and the bottom line.

So, it is important for every organization to have a client satisfaction program - and even better when conducted by a neutral, third party.